Malakhai Pearson

Director + Photographer.  

Concepts x Let It Fly 2022 
“They never told us we had wings”

The Let it Fly Classic is a Chelsea based based basketball tournament that began in 2015. The tournament collects some of the best high school hoopers in the country to come play in the greater-Boston area. The tournament/ non-profit was founded by lifelong residents of Chelsea and graduates of the Buckingham Browne and Nichols and Chelsea High School, who are actively involved with the youth of Chelsea and are dedicated to inspiring them to pursue their education past the High School level.

With the support of Concepts, this year’s Let it Fly Classic participants were gifted tees and shorts from Concept’s newest collection. In addition, I was able to photograph the teams, refrencing classic “draft day” images from previous years in the NBA,  

Images/Project supported by Concepts
Producer: Patrick Sweeney 
Photo Assistant: Stan 

For more on The Let It Fly Classic you can check them out / support here