Bodega // Diesel at Art Basel ‘19 | CREATIVE PRODUCTION 
December 2019: For Bodega’s “unofficial basel gift shop” Malakhai Pearson and Daniel Say (allyoucaneat) were the lead project managers for the event’s official afterparty. Malakhai was tasked with coordinating and booking the musical talent as well as communicating with the venue operations staff on the run of show. Malakhai also had to manage the overall entertainment budget for the event as well. Malakhai, Daniel and Yellowtechnica successfully booked several high profile acts and coordinated the in-store programming for the “unofficial gift shop”, the collaboration between Bodega and Diesel.

Check out some of the recap content below courtesy of Kevin Kang, Tyler Kpakpo / Bodega LLC. And yeah, that’s Wendy Willams bottom right. 

Bodega Recap