Converse “It’s Possible”| Creative Production 

Feb 2022: Converse It’s Possible - a collection designed by three Black creatives from Converse. Inspired by their past, present, future, and all that’s possible. 

In Febuary of 2022. I got the opportunity to produce this project on behalf of Converse. Our Boston based crew was Marika Belamarich (Photo Assistant), Julian Estevez (Producer), Onyx Fernandes (Stylist), Erica J Gomes (MUA), Alex Jones (Digi), and Guarionex Rodriguez, Jr. (Stills). 

Talent for this project were also the desingers of the collection. I think that’s what made this particular project so special and meanful. On set, we did our best to celebrate the creators and I think the photos by G really captured that. In Boston our talent was Javion Martin and Marissa Byone.

                                                                Art Direction by Avi Avion via Converse