xNike + Snapchat “Unity”| CREATIVE PRODUCTION 

Summer 2021: For Nike’s Unity store in Watertown MA. “Nike for everybody” is a holistic initiative to rethink depictions of the body within the Nike Factory storefront. To do this we leveraged local, diverse talent within the Boston community to strengthen the aspect of unity within the retail space.

In this project Malakhai Pearson directed, produced, and shot the images for the campaign - both for the “in lens elements” and the 3D assets for AR within the (in-store) Snapchat user experience. Cassandra Rodriguez co-produced this project and provided additional assets for the in-lens experience.

Talent: Steph Perez, Maya Spratling (Jet PackSprat), Neemz,  Jenny Nguyen, Lucky Li, Lisa Boyd-Physic, Rhue, and OJ Slaughter.