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WILL - V Charlestown Basketball
Hugh Coleman is the head boys basketball coach at Charlestown high school. Inspired by his days as a player in the same program and the direction given from his coach, Jack O’Brien, Hugh uses his position and his passion to teach much more than basketball.

No matter how singular one’s journey, there are countless others who play a role in shaping us along the way. Our culture celebrates the standouts but in every instance, they too were led by the guidance of coaches, trainers and mentors. We aim to encourage self control, resolve, and resoluteness, but we also want to shine light on these teachers. For they are the ones who are responsible for instilling structure, and teaching instrumental values – all of which can be applied beyond sport.

Project Crew Credits
Directed by Greg Vetrano and Malakhai Pearson
Shot, edited and produced by Malakhai Pearson