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Bodega x Saucony 2024 ‘Woven Jaunt’ 
Direction for our freinds at Bodega. 

Team  Notes:
Talent: Sanca | Smithely | Darwin
Directors: Neil Shukla + Malakhai Pearson
Director of Photography: Neil Shukla
Stills: Adam Jason Cohen
Art Direction: Ricky Orng
Production: Thunder Road Projects
Producer: Malakhai Pearson + Saluma Bensalim
Gaffer: Jake Fay (Bteam)
Stylist: Akeem Pierre
Production assistant: Nate (last name) Dugan
Edit: Mike Larareo (Marathon Post)
Color: Justin Nguyen
Score: Mozes
Location Manager: Dianne Fields
Camera Package: Rule Boston / AJC inc
Special thanks: Grace Fernandez and Tyler (the dog).