Malakhai Pearson                                                                                                                                                         

Director + Photographer                                                                                              

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*photo courtesy of Lyndon French.

MALAKHAI PEARSON IS A DIRECTOR + PHOTOGRAPHER FROM BOSTON: He is the owner and operator of THUNDER ROAD PROJECTS, a Creative - Production company founded in 2022. Malakhai’s work is focused on culture and commercial projects. He has worked with brands like Nike, Converse, Concepts, Puma, and Bodega. He won a WEBY and a CLIO for his directing work for “NIKE  For Everybody”  He is also a contributor to EATER BOSTON. He is a founding member of the creative collective ALLYOUCANEAT, where he is the lead experience producer + content director. He often collaborates with NYC-based film director ADAM JASON COHEN. In 2022 Adam, Malakhai and thier crew made “Leaned Back” a short film about bike life in Chicago.

He is also Bernie’s son. 

His vimeo is here.
You can connect with him on Instagram here.
His email is: info@malakhaipearson