Malakhai Pearson                                                                                                                                                         

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Images for, Small Wins. This shoot surrounded the announcemnt of the “better-for-you” candy brand featuring Jayson and Deuce Tatyum. Creative, Production and images were lead by Malakhai Pearson and Trae Ngyuen (for Thunder Road Projects). 


Edward Sissorhands | Tim Burton 1990,
Busta Rhymes | Hype Williams 1998,
Gushers | 1991,
The Truman Show | Peter Weir 1998.

Project Crew Credits 

Production: Thunder Road Projects
Creative Direction: Malakhai Pearson and Trae Nguyen
Photography: Malakhai Pearson
Producer: Trae Nguyen 
Producer: Anthony Grosso (Small Wins)
Grip: Taliyah Gordon
Set Build: North of Boston Studios 
Digi: Chris Valites 
Stylist: Hamzah Halaissi 
H/MU: Liza Jones 
Set design: The East Boston Paint Crew 
Card Design: Juan Pablo Abascal 
Retouching/Editing: Heather McGrath 
Location: Windy Studio 
BTS: Clint Clemmons 

Special thanks: to Craig, from CambridgeRepoGraphics, Spinellis East Boston, Concepts/VRSNL, Deon and Annie.